4 things you’d never expect to buy online

By Fiona Ness on Thu 28 August 2014 in Web & eCommerce

Selling online is so common that you would expect everyone to be doing it, whether it’s personal selling on eBay or running business sales online.

However, there are some products and services that just aren’t suitable for the online world? Well these people disagreed. Take a look below at 4 of the strangest products/services that are being sold online:

Someone to stand in a line for you

Don’t have the time or patience to stand in a line for yourself? That’s fine, Robert Samuels has started an online business offering this service. The price depends on the length of the line, but at $100 for a 19 hour wait, we think it’s a great idea.

A celebrity’s old food

Who knew half eaten food was so valuable? Both Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears have had their old food auctioned online. Britney’s old chewing gum reached $14,000 and Justin Timberlake’s old French toast was bought on eBay for $1,025. We’re sure their celebrity status has something to do with the high bidding, but we are still amazed that anyone thought it would be bought in the first place!

An imaginary friend

One eBay user managed to sell their imaginary friend online for $3,000. The eBay listing was even complete with a self-portrait of Jon and an explanation from the user to say that he was ’just too old’ to have an imaginary friend anymore.

William Shatner’s kidney stone

Apparently, William Shatner wanted to see how much someone was willing to pay for a piece of him, so a kidney stone seemed like a good place to start. Shockingly, this sold for $20,000 on the internet – we can only assume to a die-hard Star Trek fan.


… and 3 of our own:

We’re probably a bit biased when it comes to what you can sell online – even some of our own customers were amazed by what we could help them sell online:

NE Plastics

What they sell: Sheets of plastic

I know it doesn’t seem too impressive to be selling sheets of plastic online, but NE Plastics offer bespoke plastic. Whether you want your plastic in the shape of a triangle with three 3mm holes on each side, or a moulded counter top with cut outs for your till and branding then they can do it, all online.


What they sell: Bespoke Solar panels

Marlec are able to sell bespoke solar panels online of the right size, type and configuration with just a few clicks. All they need to know is your roofs dimensions (which they get from Google maps) and the type of tiles.


What they sell: Access automation systems

Ever needed to buy a car park barrier, revolving door or hydraulic bollard? Then FAAC are the company for you. Just measure up, visit their website and you can buy the right revolving door or barrier for your buildings and car parks.


It is clear that there is an online market for anything, an imaginary friend to revolving doors and bespoke sheets of plastic. Although it’s unlikely that you’re selling anything as strange as an imaginary friend, we bet you have products or services that you could and should be selling online.

By extending your offline business online, you allow customers to shop at a time that is convenient for them, meaning they are able to browse and purchase at their leisure. To find out more about selling online, join us for our next Business Best Practice event at Silverstone on the Tuesday 11th November.