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Ways to waterproof your business

By Francesca Firth on Mon 17 February 2014 in CRM

Us Brits like to think of ourselves as weather hardy but our recent bout of wind, rain and storms have left us in a state of crisis. 


We are seeing country wide examples of homes and businesses alike being evacuated and travel lines being severely disrupted. Combine this with the recent tube strikes which cost businesses £6million pounds in lost working hours and we could be facing the harshest business conditions for years. And for once it is not all economic.

This is not the first year we have seen weather impacting on our day-to-day lives and if SMEs hope to survive our increasingly unfavourable climate then they will need to take steps to waterproof their businesses. ProspectSoft offer SMEs throughout the country the opportunity to maximise their remote capabilities, create online stores and to make their business mobile. As a result they can increase productivity and not to be held back by the disruptions that our bad weather brings.