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Is your Digital Marketing Strategy more than just a Side Salad?

By Victoria Dyke on Thu 13 February 2014 in Marketing

Many companies are still seeing digital marketing as a nice freebie or gimmick that they use noncommittally, just because they might as well. 

It’s seen as the side dish of marketing- running alongside an elaborate main course of advertising, promotions, and exhibitions to name a few- complimenting it where possible and contributing very little.

But, as our target market consumes more and more digital content each day through mobiles, tablets and laptops, our attitude towards digital will change. By engaging your consumers online you’ll naturally begin to understand the online marketplace (that is growing day by day); the dynamics, the behaviours and customer profiles. As the demand for online services grows this will keep you at the forefront of your customer’s minds. If not, your competitors will gain online market share and create a loyal customer base online, leaving you behind.

Let me share with you a few statistics that show the power of digital marketing, if used correctly with a clear strategy:

  • Emails with social sharing buttons- enabling communication across different channels- have click-through rates 158% higher than emails that don’t.
  • 33% of traffic from Google’s Search Results go to the first item listed- showing the effect that SEO has on your website visitors.
  • B2B companies that blog generate 67% more leads than those that don’t- proof that Digital Marketing can be effective for more than just creating a brand image.

The amount of companies creating a digital strategy this year is double that of the past 2 years but many of these are struggling to implement it. But, despite this rise, around 50% of companies still don’t have any digital marketing strategy at all. The challenge of integrating an online strategy with traditional marketing channels can be daunting and time consuming task. However, taking the time to create a strategy with clear goals and digital ambitions that is dynamic and resourceful, will give you more than an average green salad side dish.

At our next Digital Marketing Best Practice event on 20th March at Winchester Science Centre, we will be covering different aspects of digital marketing, and how you can use these tools effectively by creating a strategy that will help to grow your business:

  • eMail Marketing- what works? Best practice tips from our experts on how to send out an effective email campaign, and how you can track and monitor these results to create an even better campaign next time.
  • eCommerce- how trading online integrates with other digital marketing channels, and how this can help to grow your online market share. Includes a simple step-by-step plan to create a strategy with clear goals and ambitions, and implement the changes.
  • Web Analytics- how you can turn your website visitors into leads through automated marketing and proactive follow ups.
  • SEO- what role does your website and your ranking on search engines play in your digital marketing? How can you improve this vital tool to ensure it makes an impact on your business?

To take this opportunity to learn more about digital marketing, review your strategy and gain advice from our experts for free, simply book your place on our next event here: