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UK to introduce programming into school curriculum

By Victoria Dyke on Tue 04 February 2014 in Topical

From September, the UK will include programming as part of the curriculum for Primary and Secondary schools.

In a recent survey by Samsung, 57% of parents were unhappy with the current levels of school investment in technology.  This change in attitude is being seen as a huge step forward for the UK.

Here is a little insight into what programming in the curriculum could look like…

By the end of Key Stage One, pupils would be able to ‘de-bug’ and create simple programs, understand algorithms and implement programs on digital devices.

At key stage 2, students would be designing programs to achieve specific goals and would be expected to correct errors in algorithms.

As they reach secondary school, they would be taught computer languages and ‘Boolean Logic’ (commonly used in search term algorithms), and begin to identify and understand the different hardware and software components that make up business computer/communication systems. All skills that will transfer into the  business and  digital world.

In the final stage of study there would be a focus on building a career in technology, with an emphasis on the current and future skill requirements of the businesses digital world.

This pro-active move towards improving technology skills in our schools highlights to businesses the importance being placed upon investment in the digital era for current and future generations.

Looking at technology uses in business, particularly the use of tablet devices and the need for mobile functionality, it can easily be related to school teaching trends.

The majority of programming taught in the curriculum will begin on tablets, adapting games such as Hopscotch. Many schools are already hosting App Clubs where students make their own apps.

The use of Tablets is increasing across the whole curriculum,  with Apple providing iPads to a wide range of schools and Samsung now expanding in Europe with its ‘Smart Classroom’ initiative.

Technology is important in business!  This generation of future consumers and employees are growing up using Tablet and App technology it is therefore vital that businesses keep up to date with evolving technology trends as well as internal processes.

It is an exciting time for technology! Our generation of digital natives will not only be able to consume digital content but also create it, ensuring the UK’s position as a digital leader. all in all positioning the UK as a digital leader.