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The F in Email Design

By Victoria Dyke on Mon 30 September 2013 in Email Marketing

Think about how you read an email, do you focus on every word? 

Probably not. The majority of us will take the skim it, see it, click it approach to an email arriving in our inbox.

This is why the average life of an email in an inbox is only 2 seconds!

So what can you do to make your emails live longer and generate more interaction?

Step 1: Begin with draw an F in your email. Make sure the vertical stem falls 1.5 inches from the left and top stem falls 1.5 inches from the top. The rest of your email receives less than 10% activity.

Step 2: Do your call to actions fall on the stems of the F? If they don’t then re-design your email so that they do, iris scanners show this is how we typically read an email. Make the call to actions titles, and make them clickable.

For Step 3: – and perhaps the most important step…

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Now look at the first 6 lines (roughly 330px) of your email? Is there an image there? If so, remove it and replace with text to tell your audience what the email is about. This is the preview pane area, where 80% of emails are actioned (so include a call to action here as well). An image will not automatically download so use this later in your email and don’t waste this key space.