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Have you taken your CRM system to the next step?

By Fiona Ness on Mon 02 December 2013 in CRM

It’s that time of year again when your inbox is probably filling up with emails asking you whether you’re ready for 2014, or telling you to be ahead of the game next year. The problem is they’re vague and don’t really give you much focus (in my opinion). 

So I want to be more specific and ask you one question:

When was the last time your revisited your CRM strategy?

Once you have implemented any strategy it’s easy to sit back, see it meet your original aims and leave it at that. But your CRM should constantly evolve with your business and incorporate any new aims you have since implementation.

According to the ISMM, aside from basic contact management, the top 5 CRM functions that have made the biggest impact on businesses are:

  • Opportunity management
  • Sales analytics and forecasting
  • Lead generation
  • Customer service
  • Telesales

Does your currently strategy include all of the above? If not now is the best time to revisit these areas. They may not be anything new or exciting but sometimes the oldest functionality is the best.

We know one size doesn’t fit all, so I don’t want to take up anymore of your time. Why not speak to your Account Manager about the next step?