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The Top 5 Things that will increase your eMail Marketing results

By Victoria Dyke on Mon 16 September 2013 in Email Marketing

eMail Marketing can soak up time and expense, but in reality there are 5 simple things to focus on that will increase the results of your campaigns.

1) The Subject Line: The subject line of your email shows to your audience that your email is relevant and personal to them. This is your first opportunity to engage with your recipient, so don’t waste it on meaningless statements. Use plain language and skip definitive articles. A cheeky little source for good subject lines is google analytics. After all, knowing what your audience’s search terms are, gives you the opportunity to take what they are looking for to them!

2) The From Field: This is the part of your email that will define the relationship with the customer, remember people by from people. This is also where you can gain priority in the inbox. Be consistent with who you send your emails from and use the name of whoever has the best relationship with your recipient in the from field.

3) Content; easily the most time consuming aspect of eMail Marketing.

4)Layout; tonnes of hints and tips on how to improve your eMail design are available at our next Best Practice event.

5)Segmentation; marketers should be data junkies!

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