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Is your next competitor already stealing market share from you?

By Stuart McLaren on Tue 20 August 2013 in CRM

In the last few years we have sat down with the Directors of over 500 Small to Medium sized British companies.

We have analysed their Marketing & Sales processes, and identified key competitive threats. It has become apparent that as the operating environment has become harder, and customers rightly demand more for less, new competitors stand to gain significant footholds in what were relatively safe & fairly closed customer bases.

This isn’t – the appearance of some new huge competitor that grabs great swathes of business – but rather a slower erosion of business, usually starting at the fringes of what you do (perhaps unnoticed).

The key to how these competitors start eroding your business, AND the key to seeing this at the earliest point & then being able to repel any threat is the same – Great technology, deployed specifically for you and your situation.

Not only can it insulate you from these issues, but with the right planning, from a great deployment team, you can start to look at taking market share from your competitors.

Step back and think exactly how much business your IT systems really help you win, how much work they actually save you and your staff, and how early they show you the vital metrics about what is happening in your business now, and over the coming three to six months.

Do you know for SURE – Is your next competitor already stealing market share from you?