Increase summer sales online

By Jessica Heald on Tue 09 July 2013 in Sales

With the weather set to stay in the high twenties all week I am sure most of us will be reaching for the sun cream to cherish the sunshine over the next few days. However, for those of us trading online the good weather often brings some anxiety as the hot summer season tends to cool off our online sales. 

Fear not! ProspectSoft have taken some time out to research how you can make the most of online sales in these hot summer months.

  1. Some days are better for online sales promotions than others:
    Research has shown that the best days for online purchasing are Mondays and Wednesdays,  these days also attract the high ticket item buys. Monitor your summer sales to see if this rule applies to you and make a plan to increase the average order size and volume on these days.
  2. July is the slowest month for online sales:
    But don’t panic…Use this time to do some housekeeping in your shop. It’s a great time to bring in new products and be ready to meet the surge of orders that will follow the summer slump. Run a sales promotion between Wednesday and Friday when it is quiet and spend extra time on a Monday promotion for bigger items as this is the day that attracts high value purchases. July may not be the best month for online sales but it is a great month for thinking about your online trading strategy in preparation for the winter boom.
  3. A few more summer statistics to use in your online summer plans:
  • August shows the lowest order sizes for the year but not the lowest volume of orders
  • Monday is the most likely day for high value purchases
  • Friday is the most popular day for low value purchases
Wednesday is the best day for sales overall