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Benefits of Integrated CRM & eCommerce for B2B Wholesalers & Distributors

By Jessica Marshall on Mon 05 March 2018 in Wholesale & Distribution

There are many benefits of integrated CRM & eCommerce, especially for those in wholesale and distribution. Here are 3 main benefits which can enhance your business processes...

Wholesale and distribution companies are faced with unique challenges with a complex selling cycle. Using a cloud-based CRM system integrated to your back-office accounting system can significantly enhance your business processes, efficiency of your sales team and overall customer satisfaction.

Improved Customer Service

There are multiple benefits to be gained for wholesalers and distributors when it comes to implementing a cloud-based CRM system. For a start, it can hugely improve the quality of your customer service and support. With a CRM that’s integrated to your accounting system, valuable customer data becomes readily available to every member of your team, empowering them to provide more thorough, professional customer service. Things like your customer’s special pricing, credit limits and sales history become visible to your customer facing teams, and even things like the ability to apply volume discounts –  enabling them to be completely in the know and one step ahead of what your customers need, instead of taking a reactive approach a little too late.  

Avoid Miscommunication

Distributors, often with several subsidiaries or various divisions, are at risk of losing data through encountering internal miscommunication. It’s therefore crucial that all customer information like leads, quotes and orders are recorded accurately, and are accessible no matter where you are. With an integrated CRM solution hosted in the cloud, your team can access this information with ease, even if they’re out in the field. Plus, rekeying your orders will become a thing of the past. Instead, orders are confirmed directly into your accounts system without any fuss. With accurate order taking and a more efficient, intelligent process in place, customer satisfaction is vastly improved and internal relationships are left intact!   

Enhanced Processes

As a wholesaler or distributor, you’re likely taking hundreds, or even thousands of orders a day, so processing them seamlessly without any hiccups along the way is the ultimate goal. Yet surprisingly, distributers and wholesalers still heavily rely on more manual processes, involving using multiple spreadsheets and antiquated systems. With an integrated eCommerce solution in place, product purchases are taken care of, meaning sales resources can be used more effectively elsewhere as a result. eCommerce also reduces the administrative burden of order processing (something that is often an unwanted part of a sales team’s remit!). Alongside the significant efficiency savings, profitability is positively impacted too.

So, if you’re a B2B wholesaler or distributor, looking for a stock aware CRM, then get in touch with us today.