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Free Trial Top Tips

By Eleanor Akester on Tue 26 July 2022 in SaaS

Free Trial Top Tips

Whether you’re just in the early stages of your software search, or are already in the middle of trialling different solutions, follow these top tips to make the most out of your free trial while it lasts!

#1: Team Involvement

Get your team involved in the trial. Add them as users, encourage them to keep logging in and using it, invite them on the demo with you, and include key stakeholders in the decision-making process. After all, a CRM should be used by the whole team, so it’s important to get buy-in where necessary and involve the team from the get-go. With greater team involvement from the whole team, there’s less chance of resistance to change later down the line, and it’s more likely they’ll embrace the new system and processes when implemented. Not only does greater team involvement and understanding of the free trial make the roll out smoother, but the more likely they’ll adopt it successfully, even if there are teething issues or set up frustrations initially. 

#2: Opt for Industry/Business-Specific Software 

Every business is unique, therefore different software trials will work better for different companies. Don't simply choose the highest rated software or most well-known - select your top picks based on how they fit with your business processes best. According to Gartner’s recent report on CRM software trends found that uptake for industry-specific CRM solutions is growing. Businesses now expect “best-of-breed” software that’s built for their type of business! The mission is finding the right one for you. So, make use of websites like G2 where you can make side-by-side comparisons of software by industry, and look at the reviewer’s industries to see how your industry rate it.

#3: Trial Different Systems 

It’s important to trial a few systems if you can, but try and take these trials around the same time. Don’t leave months between different trials – you’ll forget what you liked on the previous system, making it difficult to compare to the trial you’re on now, and ultimately, you’ll probably have to revisit software you’ve already tried. By trialling multiple systems, you can make an informed decision about what works best for you and your company. Ultimately, be time efficient! 

#4: Give it Time

Don’t put pressure on yourself or your team to get your heads around the software immediately – it takes time to understand the fundamentals of a new software solution. Whilst in your free trial, take a look at the onboarding services they offer, and use this information to help weigh up your decision. Data suggests that a well-structured software onboarding programme can boost user confidence and is essential to engraining the value of the product within a business. So, look ahead to the onboarding phase to understand the time commitment to implement and adopt the solution, and engage with any free resources and training available to help you and your team grasp the key concepts available in the Free Trial in the meantime.

#5: Get Demos & Recordings

Typically, a software vendor will offer both a free trial and a demo, so take advantage of both! Software demos can often take up an hour, and with a lot to take in, it can be easy to forget the finer details, so make sure you get a recording of the session. Not only can it be revisited any time, but they serve as a brilliant guide and reference point to navigating around the software during the trial period. Usually, the consultant who walks you through the demo will send a follow-up email after your call, with links to resources, but make sure they send a demo recording. During the demo itself, ask questions! Questions are such an important way in fully understanding a new system, so make sure to ask lots of questions to help you grasp the software more quickly.

#6: Follow Walkthrough Steps

Plenty of systems will prompt you to set things up in a certain order when you first log in. From integration to other systems you use, to inviting users and configuring all-important settings – it’s worth trusting the process, and engaging with onboarding specialists who will guide you through any obstacles you may encounter along the way. Their insight is unmatched, and they’ll know best how you can make to most out of using their software. 

Whether you’re just in the early stages of your software search, or are already in the middle of trialling different solutions, follow these top tips to make the most out of your free trial while it lasts!

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