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September events: how we work with our partners

By Jess Heald on Tue 01 November 2016 in Email Marketing

ProspectSoft has recently attended a number of events hosted by our partner, CommuniGator, whose email marketing platform can be integrated with our CRM software for informed marketing execution and reporting. 

Is data the foundation of your email marketing campaigns?

By Fiona Ness on Thu 22 May 2014 in Email Marketing

Marketing is quickly becoming more sophisticated. The number of emails sent each day is currently in excess of 144 billion. Not only does this make it harder to grab the attention of your audience, but it means that you can no longer get away with sending one mass email and hoping your audience takes a look. 

eMail Marketing vs Social Media: Who wins in B2B?

By Francesca Firth on Mon 17 February 2014 in Email Marketing

Social Media has been on the horizon for years now and its potential as a marketing tool has led to huge shifts in the way that businesses communicate with their customers. 

3 eMail marketing trends to follow this year

By Victoria Dyke on Mon 17 February 2014 in Email Marketing

Find out the key trends for this year and what you need to be doing to improve your eMail Marketing...

It’s a valid email address so why did it bounce?

By Fiona Ness on Wed 18 December 2013 in Email Marketing

I’ve heard this question a lot, not just from customers but at conferences and seminars. 

9 Reasons Why I Recently Deleted Emails

By Fiona Ness on Tue 17 December 2013 in Email Marketing

I get an average of 60 emails a day, and that’s just to one inbox. Most of them go unread or get deleted. So in aid of this post I made a conscious effort to look at my emails and work out exactly what it was that made me pass them by or worse hit delete.

Are you wasting your time on email marketing?

By Fiona Ness on Wed 11 December 2013 in Email Marketing

Do you ever sit down after you’ve hit the initiate button on an email campaign, breathe a sigh of relief and think how did that take me so long, is it even worth the effort?

A Taster From Our ProspectSoft Business Growth Workshop

By Victoria Dyke on Thu 14 November 2013 in Email Marketing

Our workshop last week was a roaring success!

What increases your SPAM Score?

By Jessica Heald on Mon 30 September 2013 in Email Marketing

Believe it or not, 40% of marketers don’t know if their email was successfully delivered to their eMail audience. Monitoring if your email has been delivered is becoming even more essential as 75% of emails are now undeliverable because of SPAM filters.

The F in Email Design

By Victoria Dyke on Mon 30 September 2013 in Email Marketing

Think about how you read an email, do you focus on every word? 

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