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Can eCommerce really replace a telesales team?

By Sophie Henderson on Mon 25 February 2013 in Web & eCommerce

This series has shown you how B2B (Business to Business) eCommerce in 2013 is set to revolutionise the way businesses trade with each other also how, by following our best practice advice, you can adequately prepare and as a result, reap the huge benefits that moving your business online can bring.

B2B Telesales: Creating an OUTSTANDING customer EXPERIENCE

By Andrew Ardron on Thu 01 November 2012 in CRM

There’s no doubt about it, customers are demanding… and every year they expect more – better prices, a better level of service, faster delivery … you name it they want it. But why? And how do you get ahead of their expectations? How do you increase the service while also improving your profit margins?

B2B Telesales: Top Ten Costly Mistakes

By Andrew Ardron on Thu 18 October 2012 in CRM

In the current climate, all teams need to focus on costs and efficiency – but none more so than telesales teams. So, what are the classic mistakes and unnecessary costs in telesales departments and telesales systems?

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