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Data is King

By Victoria Dyke on Tue 08 October 2013 in CRM

As we are being told more and more not to ‘sell’, it is clear that data is becoming an even more crucial part of our B2B sales and marketing strategies.

Are you getting the intelligence that you need from your Sales & Marketing system?

By Victoria Dyke on Tue 03 September 2013 in CRM

Or is it an expensive – Name, Address, and Notepad system?…

Sales teams – bless them, they are simple beings at heart.

By Victoria Dyke on Tue 03 September 2013 in Sales

Getting the Sales team to adopt a CRM system, and  really use it, is quite often one of the biggest hurdles faced in implementing a new solution for your business.

Full box CRM vs Empty box CRM

By Victoria Dyke on Tue 03 September 2013 in CRM

Pretty much all CRM implementations are based on the ‘Empty Box CRM’ model, where you start with effectively an empty system and you build the data as you go. – Seems perfectly sensible & viable?

Is your next competitor already stealing market share from you?

By Stuart McLaren on Tue 20 August 2013 in CRM

In the last few years we have sat down with the Directors of over 500 Small to Medium sized British companies.

The top reason SME’s invest in CRM…

By Stuart McLaren on Tue 13 August 2013 in CRM

The adoption of CRM solutions in the SME market has become increasingly popular over the last decade. 


What to look for in a CRM solution

By Stuart McLaren on Tue 06 August 2013 in CRM

If you are thinking of changing your CRM system, then there are probably some key things to consider. 

Investment in CRM solutions are on the rise

By Stuart McLaren on Tue 06 August 2013 in CRM

Technology is becoming more powerful than ever as many are beginning to see how integrating a CRM tool with other business management software can help boost sales as well as customer satisfaction. 

Pitfalls of CRM implementation

By Stuart McLaren on Tue 06 August 2013 in CRM

CRM solutions are becoming more and more intelligent and in doing so, are helping businesses become smart in planning their customer’s experiences. 

Is your Exchequer System helping you to win online sales?

By Andrew Ardron on Sun 21 July 2013 in Web & eCommerce

There are 2.7 billion people online; that’s almost 40% of the world’s population. With broadband costs continuing to fall, Europe has the highest penetration of high speed internet. And in Europe, mobile internet use is set to overtake fixed internet access by 2014.

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