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How To Get More Customers That Fit Your ICP

By Eleanor Akester on Thu 06 April 2023 in Sales

How To Get More Customers That Fit Your Ideal Customer Profile

Lead qualification can be a discouraging task when half of your prospects turn out to be the wrong fit, so attracting the right buyers is key to levelling up your business performance. In this article we’ll discuss how you can create and utilise an ideal customer profile to refine your prospecting process, making lead qualification more streamlined.

The Ultimate Guide to Managing Your Sales Pipeline

By Imogen Lloyd on Thu 30 March 2023 in Sales

Facing rejection during the sales process is a natural defeat that anyone in the world of B2B is familiar with. But when your business becomes too comfortable with defeat, it’s important that you have a structure in place that aims to pre-empt and avoid the issue. So, we’ve put together the ultimate guide to building and managing a sales pipeline that prospers every time.

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