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Features Roundup: October 2018

By ProspectSoft on Mon 26 November 2018 in New Features

This month, our development team have been working on some tweaks and updates in Prospect 365...

Features Roundup: September 2018

By Jessica Heald on Fri 28 September 2018 in New Features

Take a look at the new features we developed in Prospect 365 in September…

Features Roundup: August 2018

By Jessica Heald on Fri 31 August 2018 in New Features

Check out this month’s new features that have been released in our Stock-Aware CRM!

Features Roundup: March 2018

By Jessica Heald on Fri 30 March 2018 in New Features

Plenty of enhancements plus brand spanking new features released this month in the Stock-Aware CRM, Prospect 365. Take a look!

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